Alianz canine Worldwide is the global union of national Kennel Clubs unified criteria and international recognition, we have a series of goals for improving care, nurturing and respect for both pure and not pure breeds. Canine Alianz WorldWide works to unify the entire world in post cinología the common good of the breeders and owners races.

  • Conservation, study and research of pure breeds, fulfilling the current, European and international Spanish legislation.
  • Promoting, improving breeding and selection of animals canine purebred, seeking the development of both physical and psychic qualities thereof, avoiding aggressive behavior.
  • Collaboration with organizations and entities related to records management studbooks Canines led by recognized associations officially registered and according to the laws of each country.
  • Encourage and promote the exchange of international judges and experts in canine morphology, ethology, rescue, cinología, security and assistance creating an international database of experts from different countries
  • Support and collaborate in creating appropriate legislation for the development of economic activity in the canine world professionals for the defense sector and all consumers and fans.
  • Help non-profit entities whose favor or social purposes encompass activities on animal protection, nature or the environment, supporting social work, collaborating in conducting awareness campaigns and outreach on these purposes.
  • Sign agreements with universities for conducting and participation studies or research related to cynological progress, making the publication of articles and books based on advances in scientific research conducted.
  • Promote specific studies and research for the recognition of indigenous breeds in the process of official recognition of their standard in their country of origin.
  • Promote the employment of disadvantaged groups who may benefit in the professional world of the pet industry with both labor and socially beneficial integration.
  • Cooperate and sign agreements with associated entities, in order to provide humanitarian aid to needy sectors by different problems, with personal assistance of our volunteers or doing some activity to raise funds for such purposes.
  • Creating a database of all the organizations with which cooperation agreements at all times favoring the flow of international information exchange between organizations and ministries with which it collaborates or sign agreements are signed.


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